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One of the most incredible mechanical prinicpals in magic.  Very similiar to, but not the same as the item Louie Gaynor instroduced in early 2000.   Whether you want to perform this, or just realize how important this piece is from a collectible standpoint – you can’t go wrong!  There are a variety of different applications that can be utilized by this incredibly high quality piece of apparatus.

An elegant wooden box containing a prediction is displayed. The prediction can be removed, shown on all sides and then placed back into the box. The performer now asks the spectator to freely select one of five ESP symbol cards. The choice is completely free (no force of any kind) and kept hidden from the performer. The performer then, without touching the prediction, openly drops the prediction from inside the box right into the spectator’s awaiting hand. Once unfolded, the spectator is amazed to find that the prediction from inside the box perfectly matches the chosen symbol! It is that direct.

  • The box remains in full view at all times!
  • There is absolutely no force of any kind!
  • The effect is completely self-contained; nothing is added or taken away!
  • The method is truly a mechanical marvel and no palming or sleight of hand is required!
  • The effects that can be created with this system are limited only by one’s imagination! Included are John M. Talbot’s presentations for “The Wish” and “The Gamble”.

This beautiful effect has been inspired by our “MasterMind Box” which was released in very limited quantities in 2010. Subsequently Louis Gaynor (Stevens Magic Emporium) and Angelo Carbone have created related effects. The mechanical “workings” of this latest version, however, are different in both construction and operation.

Hundreds of hours have gone into the development of this mechanical marvel! The method used is highly technical due to the complexity of the mechanism involved, and also as a consequence of the manufacturing processes. The brass & wood work mechanism inside is an amazing piece of construction!

Our special thanks to John M. Talbot for the name recommendation and writing of the instructions and routine ideas.

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