Reverse Prediction (Masuda)


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You’re not just doing a card trick; you’re breaking the laws of physics!  You place a black Plexiglas case and a deck of cards down on the table.  Removing the deck from the card case, you have the spectator select a card, and the selected card is then shuffled back into the deck.  You state that you knew before hand what the selected card would be, and open the black Plexiglas case. 

The inside of the case is black as well, decorated with a repeating alphabet design.  On one side of the case is a blank faced card, two corners of which are secured with what look like corner mounts from a photo album.  The blank faced card has the value and suit shaped holes cut in the card, which you triumphantly announce is the match for the selected card.  Your spectator tells you that you are wrong on both counts. 

You lay the folder open flat with the blank faced card laying on it on the table.  You ask the spectator to find their card in the deck.  After finding their card, you direct their attention to the folder, and the holes in the blank faced card have changed to match both the value and suit of their selected card.  You can even then pick up the card, and “triumphantly” look at them through the holes, if you wish. 

Strong, and highly visual.  Requires virtually no reset time, for your walk-around performance.  Don’t pass this up; it’ll fool even you!

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