Reverse Stripper Deck – BLUE – SME Private Label Brand


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Designed for the discriminating – medium to advanced card magician.  

This is from the SME Private Brand, hand made exclusively for Stevens Magic by an individual who for certain reasons prefers anonymity. Created for the medium to advanced card magician, this unique reverse stripper deck provides tremendous opportunity for those who have ever been concerned about incorporating a standard stripper deck into their performances. I remember attending, I think Troy Hoosiers lecture where he stated correctly that the name of the game is entertainment. Magician’s shouldn’t be so judgemental, when it comes to how powerful entertainment is accomplished. At that time, he was using (I believe), a standard stripper deck to execute one of his effects. This custom hand-made reverse stripper will completely eliminate even the slightest concern about incorporating a special deck into performance. There are several benefits associated with this deck, most of which for the medium to advanced card magician will come to mind.

Our resident card magician James Higgs has even found more ways to utilize this deck such that the card can be returned to the deck and as the cards are dribbled there is an ever so slight, but none-the-less very noticeable feel as to when the spectators card falls (which the magician can be keenly and confidently aware of).

This deck turns the classic stripper deck upside down and is the latest offering in the very successful Stevens Magic Emporium custom decks being hand-crafted by a skilled cardician; who for certain reasons chooses to remain anonymous.

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