REVERSE Svengali Deck Professional – BLUE – SME Private Label


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Reverse? What’s ALL THE HOOPLA?  Simple, how bout a Svengali deck you can stack drop, defined as holding the deck in your right-hand in a face down stack and allowing sections of the cards to fall onto your waiting left-hand (palm up) repetitiously… As this happens the spectators can easily see each time this is done, a different card face-up card is displayed on the left palm.  For those familiar with standard Svengali Decks – you know that this is NOT possible.  However, with the SME Professional REVERSE Svengali this IS Possible. Due to the extra time needed to custom fabricate this deck, and the fact it’s NOT mass manufactured – WHICH IS A GOOD THING FOR YOU!  The price-point is understandably higher.

SME brand custom REVERSE Svengalis’s. Stevens Magic built our reputation on pushing the envelope and providing professional quality products. Thus, we have hired a professional card mechanic to hand-make these. These are not bulk manufactured – each deck is made by hand with meticulous attention to quality control.  What makes this deck different?  The manner-in-which it is prepared is more precise allowing for those familiar with the deck already to still be able to execute it but to even the discerning eye, the deck looks completely normal.

Often incorrectly marketed solely to neophytes (beginners), it is a deck that even magic celebrities incorporate…

  • Easy To Do.
  • Designed for magician’s not layman.
  • No Sleight of Hand Required!
  • An amazing deck of Bicycle cards that allows you to do a multitude of miracles

This is nothing less than a miracle in your pocket.  Note: Force Card is random on all decks – sorry due to the hand-construction of this line we are unable to provide you with a particular specific card.


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