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Bill Trotter Magic

Effect: This is one of the most beautiful and classic effects of magic!  The magician shows the audience several individual silks usually of either different colors or patterns.  A distinctive colored silk is then tied around the others.  The other  silks are then held between the magician’s hands. He twirls his hands for a moment. Suddenly, instead of  holding a red, white and blue silk he now has a beautiful vivid and much larger American Flag silk in his hands!  Rice Silks – AKA SKS (Silk King Studios) created some of the finest silks in the industry.  They were silks which features a much higher MOMMIE (thread count) compared to standard silks.  Rice Silks if preserved are the closest thing to a Time Tunnel you can find in the world of magic.  They can be 40 or 50 years old easily and they will look as good as they did their first day.  They are exceptionally vivid, bright with contrasting colors.  When you get used to Rice Silks, it’s just like flying First Class – you never want to return to Economy!

Note: Coupon Codes not eligible on this item. In some cases, additional shipping will be required post-purchase for insurance and signature delivery confirmation due to the fact there is only one of this offered. Other restrictions may apply.

Condition: EXCELLENT  – Image is of the genuine article being offered.   Exceptionally well preserved.

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