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Johnny Hirose’s and our friends at UGM have provided us with an item we have been waiting on for many years!  You have to see the demo video to realize the power of this effect! The performer produces a silk from his jacket pocket. Next he ties a knot and then the knot automatically unties itself!  Next a ring is placed on the silk and it magically penetrates completely off without any damage to the silk. Next the ring is placed in the middle of the silk and the magician holds only the top of the silk, all of a sudden the ring begins to crawl upward on the silk and starts to levitate  to the top of the silk! Next the magician takes the ring and throws it into the air and somehow it manages to get stuck on the silk! You have to see it to believe it – this is REAL magic! As a grand finale the magician takes the silk and 1-2-3 all of a sudden a KNOT appears in the silk! If this sounds too good to be true – it’s not!   For those of you looking for a reel strong enough to perform these feats’ – your wait is over! The quality is what you would expect from our good friends at UGM Magic.  This product comes highly recommended and could easily sell at twice the price. Comes complete with ring, 24-inch silk, gimmick and instructional DVD.

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