Ring Vanishing Hank (Viking/CW)


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This hank can be used to vanish, exchange or appear a ring or coin which I am sure most other hanks can’t do. The performer borrows a spectator’s finger ring. He places it under a handkerchief and allows the spectator to hold her ring through the cloth. The performer then grasps a corner of the hank and pulls it out of the spectator’s hand-her ring has vanished! The performer then makes it reappear in a magical manner. This is a great utility item that allows the performer to “steal away” the borrowed ring. The spectator is convinced that she is holding her ring under the cloth. The 16-inches hank is well constructed in attractive fabric. No one could ever detect the cleverly hidden gimmick.

Note: Colors may vary but be assured that we use quality material with subdued designs; For example, NO garish, clown-like material. The attached photo shows an example of the type of material we use. We can not guarantee a specific color or pattern. Most have either a black or dark blue background.

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