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Don’t limit your magic – Let it EVOLVE with RINING! Visually eye-popping close up magic at its best. Some say the closest thing to experiencing real magic is when it happens right in front of you – Rining proves this point. The effect comes with a multitude of various appearances, vanishes and transpoitions and allows you to be the architect in sequencing the order or flow of any of them producing jaw-dropping results. This is what makes Rining so POWERFUL as  NOT ONLY CAN YOU create your own sequences – you can let them “EVOVLE.”

In other words, RINING is NOT a one time apearance, vanish, or transpostion! Instead the magic is a fluid as you desire providing sequences of a commination of all three variables – vanishes, appearances and color changes – as you wish!

As the video displays there are a multitude of options that you can incorporate to slay your audiences! The product is exceptionally well constructed on all counts, materials, production and packaging. Item comes with a DVD that provides step-by-step instructions featuring English dubbing audio.

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