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Exceptional detail and quality that only Louie Gaynor can make.  One of the best and most undetectable of pocket tricks ever invented. It was a huge feature of many magic depots in the early 1900’s. Thayer, P&L, Hornmann and Felsman. The performer, after freely showing an ordinary lead pencil, lays it on the palm of the outstretched hand.

After rubbing the other hand violently on his coat sleeve, to create electricity by friction, he holds the fingers of this hand some six-inches above the pencil. Then the magic begins! As he slowly raises his fingers above the pencil and VIOLA, the pencil is seen to rise following the movement of the other hand! In this amazing effect, which is performed under the eyes of the audience.

  • The pencil is always seen to be controlled by the performer.
  • Up and down as many times as you like.
  • No threads! No magnets! No wax! No hair!
  • Simple to perform and always ready!
  • Nothing to setup ahead of time.
  • Easy to carry around and comes with two pencils.

We are pleased to being this one back again and it took us six months to finally find the right pencil for this effect. Top quality. Your audience with love this effect!  Pencil could be handed out for examination.

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