Rising Rose (Voit)


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The Rising Rose is exclusively available at Stevens Magic Emporium! A new streamlined levitation in the most romantic and contemporary design setting available. Simple in it’s execution but magical and endearing in it’s animation.

This item can be easily be incorporated into the mechanics of an existing routine or used independently. Magican holds the Metal Wire Rose in his hand and without moving his hand at all, the rose starts to grow as if it’s reaching towards the sun! It happens in perfect timing so it’s not too fast, and not too slow, allowing the motion to easily be seen by audience or spectators. As stated the item can be used as a stand alone, but we feel it has synergistic appeal being incorporated in a complete routine and used possibly as an accessory.  It’s those little touches and creative annimations that really round out successful performances.

In any romantic themed routine or setting, this prop is worth it’s weight. 

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