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A masterpiece 140 years in the making.

In 1880, the first drink coasters made of cardboard were introduced by the German printing company.

There are already many tricks that can make a coin go through the bottom of a glass. Among the many existing ideas, using a coaster is the best solution because it allows the use of an ungimmicked glass and coin.

That’s why Roller Coaster was born. It’s easy to carry, easy to use, and it’s a real coaster you will use in real life.

Almost any coins in this world can be placed in this coaster. You can also penetrate two coins at once, or use other objects. The surface of the coaster is made by Tyvek®, which keeps it stronger and waterproof.

Roller Coaster can do even more things when using your imagination — it has unlimited possibilities for you to discover.

What’s included in the box:

– A gimmicked coaster
– A regular coaster
– Online instructions

“The concept behind the workings is simply genius. I know magicians will love it!”
Felix Bodden

“Most organic version of a classic killer.”

“I’m always a fan of Coin Through Glass plot and this is the most reliable method yet. Organic, simple and works.”
Patrick Kun

“A needed organic update to a strong piece of magic.”
Troy Von Scheibner

“I LOVE when magic becomes organic. This is definitely the best version on the market!”
Henry Harris

“This is an instant modern classic. I love it!”
Nicholas Lawrence

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