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What I love about performing ANY of Jim’s Verite effects, is I can pick it up after several months and perform it with the same confidence as if I was doing it daily! The method is so easy, yet brilliant.  I have performed them well over 100 times and NEVER has anyone had a clue (not will they in my opinion) of the technique.  I hate to use the phrase it’s like riding a bike – but the truth is I can’t think of a better phrase to illustrate the fact that there is no re-freshing, or re-learing required AND it only takes a few minutes for you to learn the technique.

The perfect specialized edition of one of the top selling mentalism effects of all time at Stevens Magic Emporium.  Jim Kleefeld shook the mentalism world up, and rightly so when he introduced his original Cinema Verite! It continues to be a top-seller every year because it meets the critera of being easily mastered in a short time-frame, allowing the performer to execute the effect with total confidence and most importantly leaves a remarkably powerful impression on your specatators.   Leave it to Jim to ad additional layers of possible effects that can be executed by the performer (if so desired) that serves what I call, the mentalism knock-out punch!

Love On Their Minds – The newest edition of Jim’s venerable Film Verite series is now available. Romantic Verite is a collection of film posters from the greatest and best-loved romance films of all time. Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally, The Notebook, Pride and Prejudice, Love Story, My Fair Lady – dozens of new and classic films, each with a romantic theme.

Things are strange right now for us performers, but things will be back to normal before you know it and people will be anxious to connect and to celebrate. Sooner than you know it, you will be using Romantic Verite for Wedding Receptions, Anniversary Parties, After-Proms and for Senior Communities where older adults thrive on nostalgia and their memories of love and marriage.

Great for no-contact Porch Parties – drop the cards in a basket and set it on the porch before you begin. If you do Zoom Virtual Shows – just mail the clients a set of cards (or half a set of cards) ahead of time and have them pick one off-camera. They can return them to you after your show, or keep them as souvenirs.

Check out Jim’s other popular variations built on this amazingly powerfully deceptive and easy to master technique.

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