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“I’m going to provide a testimonial, as to the accuracy of the testimonials my peers have created for Room 66, certifying my belief the statements they have made are justified.   I think this is the first time I have ever provided an endorsement of my peers’ endorsements for a product – but I’m happy to have the distinction of doing so – if only for myself.   Room 66 is a powerful utility that is akin to a modernized version of the billet read.”  – Richard Webster

What if a simple key tag became the ultimate Peek tool? A secret weapon you’ll always have on you? A tool so harmless and universal that no one will suspect it is your best routine or your trusted secret weapon enabling you to perform incredible feats of mentalism!

Yoan Tanuji, Axel Vergnaud and Dylan Sausset are three working performers who vested years of performance experience and their creative minds to create ROOM 66. These magicians and mentalists wanted above all to offer you a real routine, with a useful everyday object known to all, yet above all, a gimmick that is truly PRACTICAL!  This can be something you can easily use in each of your performances.

ROOM 66 fits in your pocket and offers you all the advantages to be able to read the mind of your audience at any time. This innocent key chain will allow you to perform incredible routines and will become part of your repertoire as soon as you discover its secret and unleash its amazing potential!

Example: A spectator writes whatever he wants on the key tag: a room number, a date of birth, a first name, a city/country, he can even draw without ever showing it. After erasing it, you will be able to capture this thought in a blink of an eye, without your audience knowing, and then reveal it according to your own staging.

These three talented workers have been testing their brainchild in the field, in real-world environments for months.  with this tool for months and have already fooled big names and thousands of spectators.  They realized they have creates something much bigger than a strong routine – they have created a remarkable utility that could very well be the most powerful product you will purchase in the field of mentalism.

A video tutorial of almost an hour is provided so that you can choose from several handling and presentations. You will find the idea and the scenario that fits your style, THE method that will make this effect “killer” and indispensable to your arsenal!

More than a peek, this key tag will allow you to:

  • Do an instant stooge
  • Use it as a pre-show
  • Perform an incredible Master Prediction effect
  • Available in different color options – Blue – Black

Strong points:

  • Completely innocent and universal
  • Ingenious and easy to handle gimmick
  • You can have it on you at any time
  • Fits on all keys
  • The perfect peek tool for all situations: close-up, show, stage

You will receive :

  • The Room 66 gimmick
  • A clip to put it on any set of keys
  • A marker

Suggestion:  Don’t limit yourself – think about how exponential this utility could become if you had 3 or 4 of them.  

“I recently received Room 66. I took out the key chain and played with it for 5 minutes or so without ever finding the gimmick! It wasn’t until I watched the instructions that I discovered what it was! As I viewed the video, I soon realized what a versatile and marvelous device this is. I especially liked the prediction effect as it seems so remarkable. Room 66 is a wonderful utility prop that you can use for all kinds of routines and that is why I like it so much. You are not tied into a single routine but can use it for whatever need you have. And again, it looks so simple and innocent that it seems impossible that it could be gimmicked. I don’t endorse many new products, but this one has my full endorsement. Get Room 66 and you will be happy you did.” – Richard Osterlind

“I’m sure my peers will bestow the same merits – for good reason. What I like about Room 66 is what it is NOT as much as what it IS! It does NOT scream “prop!” It IS inconspicuous, unassuming, and organic. Room 66 delivers under the context of “less is more.” Its simplicity is brilliant making it a mandatory tool for any mentalist in this modern world. My mind explodes thinking of possible applications using just one or even better – several. Brilliantly thought out and executed – Room 66 is now my room! Make it yours too…” – Neil Scryer

‘When you start to play with this device, you will understand how powerful this little thing can be. It is even better than a simple peek… This is an incredible tool for prediction.” – Luca VOLPE

“Route 66 is easy to use and can turn almost anyone into a true miracle worker! Predictions, forces and peeks all in one simple, utility device you can carry on your key chain. Annemann would love this!” – Dr. Jeremy Weiss

“Room 66 is a very natural and organic item with so many different possibilities. It can be carried around in your pocket and is perfect for very strong impromptu mentalism effects ranging from predictions to mind reading to forces. Very clever and extremely useful.’ – Dr. Todd Landman – Academic Mentalist

I have always been a fan of devices that can be carried every day that look and act like something that you might see on just about anyone’s person. Obviously the most common example would be a wallet. So many people carry one, and if you are a mystery performer it would be in your best interest to carry one that actually does something very cool. Room 66 falls into this category in a very interesting way. It looks exactly like something that you might have on you and no one would think twice about and yet it allows you to do some very cool things. It is beautifully made and with just the tiniest bit of care should easily last you a lifetime. I like it, and will use it myself. – Mark Strivings

I love it when a trick is disguised as an accessory that looks harmless and that you can always have on you. This trick should be called Room 666 because it is simply diabolical!
“I guarantee you’ll get your kicks (and fry many minds) with Magic Dream’s new Room 66 – a dynamite new peek device that is unlike anything you’ve seen on the open road. It is a uniquely fast, stealthy, clever, and exceedingly simple to use peek utility device – ideal for obtaining a name or small bit of information easily, with no heat on the invisible method. I also love that I can carry Room 66 on my keychain and use it anytime! Congratulations to Yoan TANUJI, Dylan SAUSSET and Axel VERGNAUD in creating a prop that plays big, in an innocently invisible design. Room 66 gets my highest recommendation – I WILL be using this.” – Brett BARRY

“Magic Dream has released the dream peek device with Room 66. Not only is the solution ultra-ingenious, but you won’t even need a pocket to always have it with you. Hyper functional and indispensable.” –  Michel HUOT

For the mentalism lovers, I just received my ROOM 66! Practical, smart, easy to do with a powerful impact!!! For workers and others… A French creation! – Congratulations to the creators Axale VERGNAUD, Dylan SAUSSET and Yoan TANUJI – JJ SANVERTAntonio BEMBIBRE

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