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This is the 15th in the Teach-In Series, the most professional Teach-In on this classic of magic. Professional rope routines by professionals! Rope Magic has been one the most fascinating magical effects in our art and still is! You will want to incorporate a good rope routine in your act that plays for all types of audiences and is easily seen even on stage shows.

Learn from the Pros. Showcased are Aldo Colombini, Tony Binarelli, Frances Tabary, Karrell Fox, Shiego Takagi and Joe Stevens. Beautiful original rope routines that are so, so different. TONY BINARELLI, one of Italy’s most famous performers teaches two of his favorites. ALDO COLOMBINI could make a living just doing rope magic as he is so versatile. KARRELL FOX could take the hardest routines in anything and simplify them, as he does with his rope routine. FRANCES TABARY from France wrote the book on rope magic in his own country and lives by the ropes. SHIEGO TAKAGI was one of the most respected teachers of magic in Japan. JOE STEVENS teaches his number one seller of rope magic for the past several years as he unlocks the secret of the Ungimmicked Linking Ropes. You will learn many new rope effects on this Teach-In and they are so clever. Get a few feet of rope…sit back…enjoy…and learn.

GMVL  Greater Magic Video Library

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