Routines For Jumbo Coins (Voitko) GOLD Coins (DVD)

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Jumbo Coins and Routines for Stage Manipulations is the culmination of international award winning magician Viktor Voitko years of experience. Now Viktor is sharing those hard earned lessons which are featured on this instructional DVD with our clients of Stevens Magic Emporium.

It is my belief that Vicktor has the unusal double talent of being both an exceptional, top ranked manipulator but also a very good teacher too.  He uses the video camera smartly, by slowing down his sequencial moves in an almost “step-by-step” fashion

Included within are original, classic moves and routines with coins for stage manipulation, including appearances and vanishes, coins flying from one hand to the other and much more. Included with each DVD are 10 specially made coins for practice and performance. Each coin measures 2-inches wide, but is exceptionally thin at approximately 1mm.

This product contains – GOLD COINS.  Also available in SILVER COINS – CLICK HERE.

For those who enjoy the classics of manipulation this DVD is a must, as well as anyone who wants to break into manipulation magic. “The DVD is professionally shot featuring play-by-play action and step-by-step visual slow motion movements. The menu is easy to follow and provides a rare look into a true artist”– Viktor Voitko.

“Now the discerning manipulator and a coin that is thin and really looks like a coin from the stage! Viktor has done a fine job by providing us with a great new product that will enhance your show!” – Jeff McBride – Las Vegas Headliner

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