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This is Ton Onosaka’s version of the Billy McComb card trick, Royal Revision. A spectator is invited to get involved. The rest of the audience is shown a large prediction, the Ace of Diamonds, which is put into an open-front frame for safekeeping. An oversized set of playing cards is shown to the audience. They see that the cards are all Aces of Diamonds—the performer can’t miss. The assisting spectator selects a card—the Queen of Diamonds. The trick has gone wrong! Not to worry, as the performer extracts the prediction card from its holder it visibly changes from the Ace into a Queen, ending the routine as a surprising success. A visual, instant transformation a la Instant Art, from Ton Onosaka. It’s a great comedy effect that also has fantastic visual transformation.

Do not confuse with this either knock off’s or counterfeit versions – Stevens Magic Emporium only sells the genuine, high quality Onosaka brand.

Note: Some Copyrighted images from Andy Martin, used with permission from

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