Rubik’s Card – Tommy Wonder – Authorized by Tommy Wonder Estate


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Licensed officially from the family of Tommy Wonder.

First Batch Sold to clients on back order – left a short amount for general inventory.  With the help of Dick Kornwinder and Max Maven through the authorization of Frank – Tommy Wonder’s brother Stevens Magic Emporium was granted one of the remaining rights to his brother’s classic effects.  This item was Rubik’s Card.  Frank grandfathered and kept in force the existing individual procure rights prior to his decision to allow other pieces to be made.

Occasionally an effect comes along that grab the magic world, and this has been one of them.  We have sold many of this classic Tommy Wonder effect, available in three two options either the 8 of Diamonds or the 8 of hearts.  Additionally, Louie Gaynor crafted a higher end version that included a gorgeous hard wood box that was sold as a deluxe option.  That option is currently going under a new revision that will adhere more towards a more organic materials for all the pieces.

In Tommy’s hands (as was the case with any prop) it was a miracle, all because of his execution, and timing.  This item is self-working, it allows you the opportunity to perform if with the same confidence of the consummate professional Tommy Wonder.

A handcrafted wood box is shown, which contains several small cubes, of which there are different card pips features on each cube (and in fact even on the same cube the pips vary – such that none are matching with the others). In the box there are three dice (or a small egg timer can be substituted).  The dice are removed, and the performer explains that he could roll the dice to come up possibly the exact number of the card the spectator choose.  But instead of playing the game the performer suggest that magic is used and not chance or percentages.  The performer then takes the lid and covers the box and next directly the participant to card a chosen from a deck of cards. The magician tells the participant to lock their chosen card into their memory and focus on the pips.  Next the spectator is invited to remove the top lid from the box which just previously was shown to contains a variety of different pips.   As the spectator removes the lid, they are started to discover the once mixed-up cubes and magically rearranged and are now perfectly assembled to reveal a specific card!  How in the world did all those cubes transform themselves without any shaking or the box into a legible card?  Even more astonishing – how in the world is it possible that – the one card that is no showing matches PERFECTLY the card the spectator selected.

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