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Magician’s have used expanded shells for many years and they continue to do so with the degree of reaction and practicality to achieve visual miracles. While the very term conjugates the application for coin magic they have been applied for a myriad of magic effects such as Cube-A-Libre, Die Boxes and more…  Welcome to the newest edition of the expanded shell to the art of magic – The Rubik’s Expanded Shell.

Created and manufactured in Japan, it is the same basic but very effective “accessory” as another other expanded shell coin.  Product is available in two options – this one being the green topped shell – featuring the green colored squared stickers on it’s top.  Depending on inventory there is also another variation that features orange stickers on the top.

Very high quality shell, exceptionally durable.  This is professional designed and constructed, and what you would expect from the quality of Japanese products. Each unit comes with the the shell and a non-gimmicked Rubik’s cube so you with have both the unique gimmick and a standard Rubik’s cube that will fit perfectly inside the gimmicked shell.   With a little creativity and this very unique custom gaff – one could put together an impossile array for visual close-up illusionary that will have spectators totally baffled, and walking away never forgetting the moment.

Contains –

  • High density, top quality constructed shell 2 1/4″ in diameter – manufactured in Japan.
  • Matching non-gimmicked Rubik’s cube

Important: Comes with a downloadable link where you can access a short Video Tutorial showing some performance ideas.  Don’t forget to access the download – POST-PURCHASE!   Option:  Item may also be available in a GREEN colored top shell – see below link if still available. 

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