Rubix Card – Tommy Wonder – 8 of Diamonds


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This item (subject to inventory) is available in two variations. This version features the 8 of Diamonds.  The other version features 8 of Hearts

Stevens Magic is happy to provide this (standard version) incredible effect at an equally affordable price for a licensed Tommy Wonder Item.  Rubik’s Card is one of the most requested items in the Tommy Wonder line – and for good reasons. It embodies the creative thinking and simplicity, and has a solid punch or entertainment value.  We are happy to be able to offer this model again after a temporary delay in production.

Rubik's Card - Tommy Wonder

Once in a while an effect comes along that “grabs” the magic world, and this is one of them! It’s clever, a great fooler. You will appreciate this effect since it’s a gem from Tommy Wonder…you know it’s going to be GOOD! In fact this is one of the effects that will also make you realize just how talented Tommy Wonder was.

Rubix Card (Tommy Wonder) - Exclusive

Effect: Don’t miss out on this one! A beautiful, handcrafted wooden box is shown, which contains several small cubes, of which there are different card pips on each cube. (None matching). The performer then takes the lid and covers the box and has a card selected. The spectator is told to concentrate on the card and it’s pips…and then the spectator is told to take the lid off the box and magically, the once assorted cubes are now assembled in perfect color and order to reveal in splendor the picture of the chosen card!

Note: Color and style of dice, in addition to subtle changes in staining of the box, will vary slightly from the product photos. This item does “NOT” come with an egg timer.   

Photo Credits: Additional Copyrighted Images used with permission from Andy Martin –

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