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A small round brass box is shown with a brass bolt through a hole in the center. The performer unscrews the nut, removes the bolt and hands the box to a spectator. The spectator removes the lid to find a coin filling the bottom of the box! There is no way that the spectator can get the bolt through the box with the coin inside!

Alt: Ad Copy:A small brass box is displayed. There is a hole at the center, and a bolt is penetrated through the hole. The magician unscrews the bolt. Then, the box is handed to a spectator, and the lid is removed. There, a coin lies in the box.

Comes complete with small brass box, bolt & nuts, black sticker, and an illustrated instruction sheet that includes web links for additional performance and explanation video clips.

“Fabulous engineering! What a gimmick! George Robinson will shake his head when he sees this wonderful piece of brass magic! Cleverly made, excellent close up effect! George, I wish you had thought of this one?” –Joe Stevens


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