Sahara Casket – Estate – Shoe

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This is an ingenious prop that allow to perform tricks like “Snowstorm in Sahara”–a combination of Snowstorm in China and the classic Sands of Sahara–you mix different colored confetti in a clear crystal casket, then produce the required color, one after the other, as called by the audience. An effect that is both pretty, and mystifying. The ingenious construction of the casket enables you to perform other effects, including some strong mental magic–for example gather a number of bills in the crystal casket, then divine the numbers on a couple of these, apparently picked at random. Or use it as a subtle forcing device for your prediction effects. This is a beautiful crystal casket fabricated in acrylic sheet, with many uses. It comes complete with a generous supply of three-dozen “snowstorm” tablets in different colors, and instructions for many effects.

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