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Finally, at last one of the most perfectly crafted salt pour gimmicks ever made! This fine machined brass gimmick is “much” like the model I have used in for years in my personal shows and always gets a huge response with it! (You Will Too!)  We know there are many Salt Pour gimmicks in the world of magic – but we sincerely feel this one is the best, and priced absolutely right!

You know the effect…Magician pours salt into his empty hand and then throws the salt up into the air and it has vanished! Viola! He supposedly catches the vanished salt in his other hand, closes the hand and begins to pour and pour and pour and pour until the hand is now empty and the magician is clean. Where did the salt go? How did he catch it again? This is a pour that is long enough, but not boring and gives the performer the opportunity to use theatrics during the effect.

  • 100% Brass
  • Smaller diameter (means longer stream that is still very visible)
  • Acrylic Finish
  • Excellent for parlor, platform or stage.
  • Made in the USA

The gimmick is 100% brass, has a smaller diameter, taller neck for a longer pour and a wider stream, two coats of flesh-colored paint, acrylic finish. Made in the USA. This is an excellent stage or platform effect. A professional prop for professional performers!

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