Sands of The Dessert – Compact Pro Vase – Viktor Voitko – Silver Rim


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This item due to it’s weight is shipped direct from Viktor Voitko to YOU! Approx. 4-5 weeks.

Many magicians perform the classic Sands of the Desert. The visual effect is extremely important, so that all spectators can see how you’re pouring the sand into the vase, how the sand is getting mixed, and how the water inside the vase is getting darker.

If the vase isn’t clearly seen and merely stands on the table, then the visual effect becomes far less impressive. That’s NOT good. With this tall stem vase, the visual effect is AMPLIFIED! On the other hand, a tall stem vase is not convenient for transportation. It not only occupies more space in the baggage, it is also fragile and heavy. The perfect solution – a portable compact vase for the Sand of the Dessert effect!

  • The vase is 10” or 26 cm in diameter.
  • When assembled, the vase height is 12.5” or 32 cm.
  • When disassembled, the vase dimensions are: 10” or 26 cm in diameter, 4.3” or 11 cm in height.
  • The total weight is 3lbs, or 1.320 kg so it’s sturdy and heavy duty to stand up performance after performance.

The vase is made of shatter-proof plastic material. All other parts are made of polished aluminum. Very Important Point: The foundation (base) of this vase is very stable and secure despite it’s streamlined design. The vase is supplied with a shipping cover.

Items included:

• Vase made of shatter-proof plastic (high 4.3” or 11 cm, diameter 10.2” or 26 cm)
• Vase stem and footing
• Shipping cover

NOTE: Three glasses, Sand Packs and chemical powder are NOT included in the set. But are available via Stevens Magic


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