SANDZ, The Professional Performers Complete Sands of the Desert


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CONSIDER ORDERING REFILLS TOO!  Additional Shipping due to size may be required.  Shipped only by GROUND. 

SUGGESTION: You could consider purchasing extra refills of both Sand and Chemicals at the time you purchase this item – ESPECIALLY – if you live outside the US.  Why? You will save a lot on shipping if you order them at the same time you order the product.  SEE BOTTOM of page for a LINK for the REFILLS! It comes with enough sand for approx 15 performances. Enough chemicals for approx 30 performances. The refills we sell are the same amounts of performances.

PRO SANDS OF THE DESERT! FINALLY, A PROFESSIONAL MODEL! You have seen the greats perform this one…Doug Henning, Johnathan Pendragon, Luis DeMatos…and now you can too, FOR REAL! This piece of magic has been published in magic books and even sold in different variations and yet, at best, all you would receive is a few baggies of sand with some vague instructions. For the first time, the classic Sands of the Desert routine (aka Hindu Sands) is being released to the magic community as a beautifully detailed, entire package with absolutely EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO PERFORM THE EFFECT!

The effect is timeless and can be performed from 3 feet to 203 feet away from your audience. You may have been turned away from this effect in the past because of all the details and “things” needed to pull it off masterfully. THIS TIME, JAY HAS DONE ALL THE WORK FOR YOU AND IS SHARING HIS UNIQUE TIPS AND YEARS OF EXPERIENCE WITH YOU. Resting on a custom table are three martini glasses filled with 3 vibrant colors of sand and a small pedestal upon which rests a large bowl filled with water. Showing his hands empty, the magician places them in the water, swirling the water around, causing the clear water to turn black! Then one by one, the magician pours each of the 3 colored sands (colors of sand can vary, due to availability) into the water, swirling the water around each time. After all 3 sands are mixed up in the bowl the magician reaches back into the swamp like water with his empty hand and pulls out each individual colored sand, COMPLETELY DRY AND SEPARATE FROM EACH OTHER.

Finally, with a swirl of the empty hands, the magician makes the black water turn back to clear! HERE IS WHAT IS INCLUDED: • A DETAILED INSTRUCTIONAL DVD: The DVD goes over all the bits of business never before explained. • CUSTOM TABLE: Specifically designed for this effect but can also be used as regular side table throughout your show. Complete with Eureka Table Base; the best folding table base in the biz! • MARTINI GLASSES AND BOWL: Made of shatter proof clear acrylic and the perfect size needed to perform this effect smoothly. • BOWL PEDESTAL: Raises the height of the bowl to be separate from the glasses so that the bowl can be seen in the largest of auditoriums. • SPECIALLY TREATED SAND: Reuse over and over again. • SPECIAL CHEMICALS: Enough for approx. 20 performances. Additional chemicals available separately. • HAND TOWEL: To dry your hands during and after the effect. • SPECIAL GIMMICKS: We can’t tell you here what they are used for. That would spoil the surprise!

Note: This item can have up to a 2-6 week production time.  It is usually fabricated UPON order confirmation.  Due to the size and weight of the item – ADDITIONAL SHIPPING will required.  For standard ground in the lower 48 it is approx. $38-$45  We will contact you post purchase regards to additional costs. 


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