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10 Different Christmas Themed Flips Books! If you’re serious about making a name for yourself in the art and booking shows – this a must have tool – Joe Stevens 

Great for Santa’s or anyone doing magic for Christmas shows. A complete treatise on how to make Christmas-themed Magic Coloring Books, this 50-page book teaches you everything you need to know regards to how YOU can make your own flip books!  Even better – it provides you with all the art.

  • Choose any of 10 different Flip Book projects – print, bind and trim – you are ready to go entertain with a fun magic routine!

Differentiation should always be a factor in your performances. This product puts you in the drivers seat to provides your audience with something they have never seen – this fabulous effect in a Christmas theme.

Any professional magician that performs children’s magic knows – it doesn’t matter if the kids have already seen the coloring book before.  When I first started (many years ago), I worried about that magic coloring book with respect to it already having been seen.  I soon realized that is NOT a problem in fact it’s an advantage.  For those that have never seen it – it’s a winner and for those who have seen it before – guess what -they want to see it again!  But now with Jim Kleefield’s Santa’s Flip Book – you can finally show them a version they have never seen before.  Quality magic is presentation meets customization!  The result is exponential impact.

Effect: Flip through and show all drawings, then flip again and the drawings change to colored pictures. Or change messy scribbled pictures into neatly colored pictures. Change lonely, lazy elves into working elves with toys. Or change elves into skunks! Includes a flash drive with pages and pages of art — black and white line drawings, colored pictures, scribbled pictures, fine art pictures, tons of toys, Victorian scenes, loads of Santa’s and more. Make all the Naughty Lists change to all Nice Lists. Tell the Night Before Christmas story with words only, then pictures only, then both! Choose any of 10 different Flip Book projects – print, bind and trim – you are ready to go entertain with a fun magic routine.

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