Santa’s Multiplying Christmas Bottles – Jim Kleefeld


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Handcrafted Props & Original Routine by Jim Kleefeld – Officially known as Santa’s Refreshments – and boy does he have a lot of them!  But you really can’t blame him, with all that responsibility he has delivering toys to the good girls and boys (Sorry Buma Jr., he wan’t be stopping at your house this year) homes.  Jim Kleefeld may not be as special as Santa Clause but in the world of magic and mentalism, he’s a major contributor and creator of some of the most innovative and realistic effects and apparatus we have seen in our 41 years of selling quality magic products.

Jim has amazing skill in customizing props to the point where they define synergy and take on a life of their own.  He has accomplished this with this Haunted Bottles and now he has applied the same technique and touch to Santa’s Refreshments.  Custom props are the best investment you can make as a performer as they are unique and define you as such.

Effect: A fabulous example of custom crafting a routine and the props that go with it. The Santa’s Refreshments is a Multiplying Bottles routine created with very special design. You get a custom holiday themed box with wood-look sign and designed canisters. The bottles change places several times, then suddenly another bottle appears. Then another and another. You end up with nine bottles in all. Beautiful custom designed labels and meticulously and-painted bottles designed to look like special props. Packs itself into its own sturdy custom painted box.

Only a very few of these exist, due to the meticulous care and loads of work involved. Order yours today before they are completely gone.

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