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The mentalist’s choice – Scarab – The Ultimate Swami Gimmick… No one makes it better the Ray Piatt – the best of the best. Finding the “right” or we should state – “just right” swami can be difficult but doesn’t have to be! We found a good supply of these in our warehouse …. We actually ran out at the store and had customers calling and calling us asking when we would have these again. We explained we carried several other styles, but people like Savino Recine – wouldn’t accept anything less…

Little wonder this little “sleeper” continues to be the preference of many mentalist.

Swami gimmicks have been around since the days of the 19th century… The pro’s look for dependability and functionality – and this unit provides it. Of course, Stevens Magic also carries a wide range of alternative nail writer’s and swami gimmicks – but hands down this is the one we have sold consistently the longest amount of time.

The item comes with excellent detailed information on two pages of 8 x 10 paper. Those two pages contain solid material, tips and references.

The Ray Piatt Scarab is the only swami gimmick I will ever use – when Mark told me I purchased the last one – I almost closed my restaurant I was so depressed Savino Recine


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