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Scared Silly-Donny The Donkey. This has proven to be a winner when demoed at day care centers and children’s parties. Based on the Fraidy Cat Rabbit effect, the Viking version uses a silly donkey that is a favorite character of children and adults alike. THIS WILL BE THE HIT OF YOUR NEXT SHOW!

The photos tell the story: The audience is told about the performer’s new assistant, Donny the Donkey. “This is Donny’s first appearance and he is a bit shy, but let me introduce you to Donny The Great!”


The performer opens the frame and shows a photo of Donny. Donny the Donkey is shown to be bright and happy. The door is closed and this time the performer asks that everyone cheer and applaud when Donny is introduced. As the audience makes loud noises, cat-calls and applause, the door to Donny’s dressing room is opened but now Donny is SCARED SILLY!. His eyes bug out, his hair stands straight up and he is a mess.

The door is closed and the audience is asked to not make a sound. When Donny reappears he is calm and collected. Again, the door is closed and he is once more introduced as the audience goes into a frenzy and when the door is opened, there is Donny, SCARED SILLY again!

Finally, the audience figures out that the performer has simply been turning the stand around and that one side of the plaque shows Donny as himself and the other side shows Donny as he is SACRED SILLY.

“Turn it around” come the cries from the audience, and after some comical buy-play, the plaque is turned around only to show DONNY’S BEHIND!

This is a wonderfully funny routine. Donny is quite a character. The frame is made to look like a barn door entrance; top quality construction. The plaque is made of black acrylic and the special artwork is the product of one of our craftsmen here at the shop, Saul Rivera. The build-up is great and the story line allows the audience to have a lot of fun, and when they think they have discovered the secret, the rug is pulled out from under them.

Frame measures: 14″ tall x 10″ wide and 1″ thick. Packs flat for easy storage and transport. Large enough for stage, platform and living-room Magic, but not so large that it is hard to handle. Frame includes hidden feet so that the unit will stand by itself on a table.

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Weight 8.0 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 12 × 2.5 in

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