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Scorpion is a system for utilizing UV light in magic. Scorpion is a professional kit offering extensive training and custom manufactured props allowing you to perform a new breed of visual magic.

The black (UV) light is just a prop itself, and nothing more. But because UV ink is invisible to the naked eye, it allows a new era of magic to emerge. The worst thing you could do is be closed-minded regarding UV black light and it’s uses.

The force behind the Scorpion Kit is the 3+ hour, two disc, DVD SET. The first DVD deals with the props included in the kit. Brad Christian takes you through each prop and it’s uses in fanatical detail, including tricks, sleights, and the rare brand of showmanship needed to make UV magic hit it’s mark. Look forward to almost 2 hours of vintage Brad Christian teaching.

The second DVD takes you onto the streets to follow Chris Schuh and Justin Miller as they test drive every facet of the effective Scorpion. You will learn buckets about how to tackle the Scorpion to get the same reactions Chris and Justin do. Filmed low-down and documentary style, we guarantee you’ll feel like you are there on the street with them as the Scorpion stings.

What tricks? The manuscript included with Scorpion includes many tricks and applications, but this is meant to be a starting point for you. We want to jump start your ability to build your own routines and tricks, and it will never be as easy with Scorpion and the pro tools you receive with the package. The DVD also covers the tricks and effects that require a more visual aid.

The UV Invisible Ink Marker
Contains the correct ink for use on skin, paper, fabric and playing cards. Allows spirit writing, hidden messages, and highly visual skin tattoos. UV ink and UV light are not harmful to skin in any way.

The UV Pocket Light
The cornerstone of the kit. Must be high quality, and is. Perfect fingerpalm size, ‘on’ button is in just the right place, uses the correct type of UV light, comes with keychain AND neck strap depending on where you want to carry it. Also includes batteries AND an extra set of batteries. You may want to order a extra one of these to have on standby for important shows.

Test Tubes & Fuel
Real, pocket-sized test tubes to use with the kit. Unbreakable. Fuel is Ellusionist’s perfect brand of invisible ink (will last a long time).

The Shaman Cards
The brilliant forcing cards (completely different from normal forcing cards) included with the kit. Someone thinks of a number between 1-100 and winds up exactly where you want them. Standard Bicycle backs.

This is a single card that does the force for you – not a whole deck. You pull the card out of your wallet or out of your pocket and ask the spectator to think of a number between 1-100. The advantage to owning more than one Shaman card is that you don’t have to force the same thing over and over, you can force different things on different spectators.

You’ll use these cards a LOT… too much fun and so, so easy to make someone think of what you want them to think of.

Custom Designed Wiregrams
These Wiregrams were custom made for the Scorpion UV Package. They match the Shaman symbols in the Shaman Forcing Cards above. 1 Wiregram included in each kit but more available for purchase in other symbol formats.

Custom Scorpion Stencil
A strong, thin plastic stencil sheet allows arm tattoo “reveals” in invisible ink. Includes all Shaman Symbols, all letters, all numbers, ESP symbols, hearts, spades, clubs diamonds – and more.

Custom Fingerpalm Stamper
A highlight of the Scorpion full kit, the ultra-quality stamper remains hidden at all times and fits in perfect fingerpalm position. Allows you to instantly stamp any object with UV ink. The stamp is an eight of diamonds in an uneven font. Imagine being able to pick up literally any object, bill, paper, key, coin – whatever – and stamp it with the 8 of diamonds in a single millisecond. Did we mention how easy it is to stamp a person’s arm/hand with the custom stamper? Mark someone half an hour before you even do a trick for them… imagine an erie glow on someone’s skin, depicting the card they are thinking of.

Scorpion UV Sharpie
This is MagicSmith’s Super Sharpie in Scorpion format using invisible ink. We’ll show you how to use this tool to receive some of the biggest reactions you’ve ever seen – easily.

Allows you to invisibly write any number, selected card, name of a person – anything – on a piece of paper *without anyone seeing*. The Scorpion Super-Sharpie is now a result-tested staple of Justin Miller’s restaurant act. A good part of the hard core reactions you saw in the preview video above came from the performer using the Super Sharpie.

The best part… you can write anything on anything and it stays invisible and unseen UNTIL you shine the UV light on it. Normal items still look normal and can be handled by the spectator up until the “reveal”. Only comes with the full kit.

Scorpion Down-N-Dirty Guide + Tricks & Pro Tips
Manuscript written by Brad Christian and Chris Schuh, includes tricks, professional tips, presentation ideas, forcing techniques, applications for UV. Includes ideas for additional effects by RT Showmann and Zach Allen.

The Down-N-Dirty Guide covers additional tricks and applications not talked about in the 3-hour DVD Set.


UV Perception
Haunting Ground
Possessed Presidents
White House Windows
The Pocket Code
Pyro Bullet

Description of Tricks in Book

UV Perception
In a quick flash of flame, the initials of a person important to the spectator appear on a playing card that was dated by the spectator.

The pips of a playing card inspected by the spectator glow before their eyes.

A spectator writes any number onto a piece of paper. The paper is wrapped around a borrowed $1 bill and set on fire. It quickly flashes, and when the borrowed bill is unwrapped it has the same number written on it that was on the original paper. Any bill or any currency can be used.

Haunting Ground
Random fingerprints appear on a borrowed bill, visible only with UV light. Then the performer rolls up his sleeve and the serial number of the same borrowed bill appears on the performer’s outstretched arm.

Possessed Presidents
The eyes of George Washington never lie. But when the performer borrows a bill from the spectator, George’s eyes glow whenever someone in the room tells a lie.

A bill is borrowed. Suddenly the president attains a glowing aura before he vanishes from the face of the bill altogether.

White House Windows
The spectator chooses any window of the White House on a borrowed $20. That window is the only one that lights up under UV light presence.

The Pocket Code
The spectator initials their own bill with a black Sharpie pen and then puts the bill into their pocket. They think of a number from 1-100 and the corresponding symbol on a small card (given to them by the magician) appears in scratched lettering on the bill that has been in their pocket the entire time.

Pyro Bullet
A card is selected by a spectator and written onto a piece of tissue paper. The tissue is held in the magician’s hand and set on fire. In a flash it is gone, but when the spectator shines a UV light on the performer’s hand the same writing is now on the performer’s hand.

Random chicken scratch markings on a playing card move and change into something legible and then tell what card another spectator has in his pocket.

If performing in a home, the spectator is asked to find an old letter (envelope) he doesn’t need anymore and tears the stamp off it. A thought of playing card is now revealed on the back of the stamp that was just torn from the envelope.

A card is selected. The magician introduces a test tube of bright liquid. He drinks the liquid and suddenly his veins begin to pulse as if a bright light were coming from them…. as the light moves up his arm the veins form into the name of the selected card.

Trick Concepts
A number of dynamic ideas are given by RT Showmann and Zach Allen for UV use with your kit including combining UV with your M5 System, playing cards, coins and shell coins, a bar of soap, the inside of a glass of liquid, flash paper, Hover card, and many more.DVD CONTENT – DISC ONE
Introduction To Your Kit
UV Invisible Ink Marker
UV Pocket Light
Test Tubes & Fuel
Shaman Cards
Custom Wiregrams
Custom Scorpion Stencil
Custom Fingerpalm Stamper
Scorpion Super UV Sharpie
Sleights Section – Refresher
Overhand Shuffle Force
Slip Force
Basic Double Lift
Bill Switch
Erdnase Change
Tricks Section
Flash Paper With UV
Showmanship and Creativity With UV
Troubleshooting – UV Cartridge
Troubleshooting – Tighten Thumb Cap
Brad Closing Words & Advice
Scorpion Forum Password

Justin Intro
Justin on Performing Scorpion
You Ruin It You Owe Me 40
Pick a Rock for Me
We Should Have Done a Coin Trick
I Ask For Money
Put the Card in Your Pocket
A Shout Out To My Homies
It’s An Honor
A Very Unstable Substance – Veins
We’ll Edit That Out
Hold Out Your Hands For Me
Her Name is Brrr
Don’t Run If You’re Not Being Chased
George W. Glows
It’s None Of Them
Do You Want It 10-40?
The Super Sharpie, That Rocks
Take This Card
You’ve Already Done Me
Chris Intro
Trigger On The Streets
Mindreading, Building Up
Trigger Vanishing Signature
The Shaman Card
Random UV Effects || Wiregrams
Wiregram 30% Off Sign
Wiregram Again
Pyro Bullet
Chris Wrap Up and Final Words

Note: Ad copy and images are used with permission from Andy Martin –

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