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When your want the BEST! Here it is!

Scotch and Soda is quite probably the most well-known and requested magic coin effect in the art – for good reason.  It’s blows minds and lends itself to a plethora of possible (yet seemingly impossible) routines!  Our team here at Stevens Magic has personally tasted and examined this specific product and we all give it our Five Star top notch rating.

You can’t beat the quality and it’s so precision made that you will have to watch that you don’t spend the half dollar. Many of you who are reading this have done exactly that – right?

Anytime you perform and effect where the magic happens in their hands – you have a winner!

Effect: Half Dollar and English Penny are given to spectator to hold behind his back. Magician asks for the half dollar which the spectator successfully hands over. Next the magician ask for the English Penny. When the spectator opens his hand he finds that English Penny  has changed into a quarter and he can examine both coins to his heart’s content. Again, the only reason this is such a straight-forward miracle is due to the precision machining of the coins. Here’s one you’ll really use. Complete with bang ring. Easy to follow routine included.

Effect 2: A U.S. Half dollar & a Mexican Centavo are shown. Both coins are placed in an open palm of a spectator. The spec is asked to close his or her hand. The Magician asks the spec which two coins are in their hand. The spec will reply “ A U.S. Half dollar & a Mexican Centavo. When they open their hand, they will find a U.S. Half dollar & a U.S. Quarter. The Mexican Centavo has mysteriously changed into a U.S. Quarter . This is a very popular trick used by Amateur & pro Magicians around the world.

Comes complete with “Bang Ring”,  precision machined coins & full instructions and routine(s).

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