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Scotch and Soda English Penny is a nice variation from the traditional Half and 20 Centavo.  This coin effect quite probably is the most famous of all coin effects! Manufactured by Sterling Coin Company, who provides good quality for a great price. Anytime you perform and effect where the magic happens in the spectators hands – you have a winner! If you haven’t seen this effect, trust us this is magic you will enjoy!

Sample Effect: A Half Dollar and an English Penny is visually shown the magician highlights the color differences between the two coins, and also the English Penny is just a TINY bit larger than the Half Dollar.  The coins are then given to a spectator by the magician, and upon doing this the magician instructs the spectator to close their hands so the coins can NOT be seen when they are placed into the spectators hands.  The Magician asks if the spectator can tell just be “feel” which of the two coins is the larger one (i.e., The English Penny).   The spectator motions to one hand, where he thinks the English Penny is located.  The magician with some doubt, states he’s not so sure and is willing to make a little fun bet the spectator is not correct.  The magician then asks the spectator to open only the hand that has the larger coin (The English Penny).  Where upon the spectator does so and in fact the spectator was correct.

The magician appears confused but accepts the spectator was correct and then states, “Okay you got me, now give me the Half Dollar that is still in your closed hand.”  The spectator obliges the magicians only when he opens up his other hand the HALF Dollar has now changed to a US Quarter.

The only reason this is such a straight-forward miracle is due to the precision machining of the coins. Here’s one you’ll really use. Complete with bang ring. Easy to follow routine included.

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