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Undisputed Expert & Authority on Book Tests:
“Gary Sumpter’s Screenplay is one of the best new book tests I have come across. The bright, colorful movie review book is slick, and well designed, with a completely innocent look. The method you use to discover the spectator’s chosen words, people, and images is easy to master and very effective. The book itself secretly cribs you to many “impossible” reveals, even when it is in the spectator’s hands, so there is nothing extra to carry and virtually no memorization. Screenplay is absolutely one of my favorite book tests.” Jim Kleefeld

This is Vol. #1 Edition that comes with one single book, that will allow you to perform all effects as stated below. 

Screenplay is a revolutionary new method that allows you to perform an INCREDIBLE multi reveal Booktest with ZERO MEMORY WORK. We have produced two versions of Screenplay. Both come as complete packages with everything included. Each book has a DIFFERENT cover, but the internal pages are identical.

IMPORTANT:  You can buy just this Vol. #1 and start performing straight away. However, now is the time to consider the BONUS pack, where you purchase “both” books and save BIG (Up To $40) with the Special Combo Price.   Your choice of course, our job to educate you so you can make the best decision. The benefit of both books is you can give your spectator a completely free choice of either book, as well as having a back up because we really think you will incorporate this for many years.  Scroll down to the VERY bottom of the page to see this “Combo” Two Book Special.

Screenplay – The High Definition Booktest

Ace Magic Studio’s first Booktest was ‘What’s Cooking?’ which was and still is a big seller and has gained rave reviews from magicians and mentalists worldwide. Now, We have taken the Booktest even further with a universal theme that is a DREAM for mentalists – MOVIES!

Screenplay is a custom designed movie book, created from the ground up. It looks legit, feels legit and IS legit! Anyone that has purchased our ‘What’s Cooking?’ Booktest will know what to expect when it comes to the quality!

With Screenplay you can perform solid, amazing mentalism. This is a serious bit of kit that you will be proud to own and perform.

What can you do with Screenplay?

Anything else?

Yep, of course! There are several other reveals built into the book. We won’t say what they are as they will be nice surprises when you purchase.
Full video instructions are provided, but honestly because there is no memory work required you will be doing this straight away.
Obviously, you need to spend time perfecting your presentation, but in terms of the method, it won’t take long for you to be using the book.

At Stevens Magic Emporium we see our fair share of high quality, exceptionally well thought-out effects in all genre’s of magic.  Yet, it is a well known fact that we have a propensity for Mentalism and specifically Book Tests.    We stake our 45-year reputation on the fact that Screenplay, is a revolutionary new effect will empower you to perform UNCANNY, JAW DROPPING, HEAD SHAKING, MESMERIZING mentalism.  We stand behind this product knowing first hand you can execute every aspect of what is provided within. No misleading ad copy.  No baiting techniques to get you to pull the trigger only to find out after-the-fact that great liberties were taken with the ad copy.   You don’t stay in business 45 years unless you do a lot of things right, but for those of you that understandably might be skeptical of a company selling this product – we suggest — if you haven’t already done so to read Jim Kleefeld testimony on this product.  While there are several authorities in mentalism and in book tests as well – we at Stevens Magic Emporium are not alone when we consider Jim to be at the pinnacle.  His Book Test Book – (also available at Stevens Magic), locked him in as the foremost authority for years to come.

This is the Deluxe Edition Which comes with 2 Books that have Different Covers so now you can give your spectator a completely free choice of either book for THEM to use, which makes your whole performance seem even more impossible.  FACT: The production of these products are of the highest printing quality.  Full color pages, not cost-cutting savings here.  Look at he brilliant, high-resolution images featured within.  Images are BOLD, impossible to miss, featuring excellent color contrast.  Here are Stevens Magic we just can’t stop talking about the attention to detail and quality that went into this production. Even better, it’s not going to available to every mentalist out there or worse, would be YouTube layman/hobbyist that will record themselves doing it injustice with respect to the effect, followed by the all to familiar – “Now Let Me Show You How I Did It!”  The product is priced right to do our best to keep it in the hands of the classiest magicians who are Stevens Magic Clients.

Screenplay – High Definition Mentalism Booktest
Ace Magic Studio started with one product, our ‘What’s Cooking?’ Booktest. This was and still is a big seller with rave reviews worldwide. Now, We have created a newBooktest with a universal theme that is a DREAM for mentalists – MOVIES!

Screenplay is a custom designed movie book, created from the ground up. It looks legit, feels legit and IS legit! Anyone that has purchased our ‘What’s Cooking?’ Booktest will know what to expect when it comes to the quality! With this book you can perform solid, amazing mentalism. This is a serious bit of kit that you will be proud to own and perform.

What can you do with Screenplay? Check out the spread in the Photos.

There are 108 different movie spreads. You can ask a spectator to turn to ANY movie in the book. You can then reveal:
• The small image next to the title (popcorn, drink, candy etc.).
• The number of daily online streams of the movie.
• The amount of times the author has watched the movie.
• The NAME of the movie AND the number in the series it is, for example Karate Kid 2, Scream 3, Final Destination 1. This is POWERFUL.

Anything else? Absolutely!

There are several other reveals built into the book. We wont say what they are but are plenty confident that they will be nice surprises when you purchase. Full video instructions are provided, but honestly, (and this is the really great part) you will be doing this straight away. It’s ingenious with respect to the system yet even better there is no way the audience members will have a clue at the amazing magic you can do!    So, while the methodology is beautifully natural and easy to learn – as anyone with even beginning experience in the art of magic knows – the methodology while instrumental is simply mechanics. It’s the delivery, putting your special take on perfecting your presentation that is what will take this from just being an incredible feat of magic to something your audience will walk wondering sincerely – if you have real psychic powers.

Lets Repeat Just So We Are Clear!  Learning the method – it wont take long.  Sincerely many of the best effects we at Stevens Magic have seen over the years, apply this same formula – where by the mechanics become second nature. In fact, so much so that you can go months in between performances of this effect and pick it up and jump right back in.  These are the effects that will separate you from other performers, burning your performance deep into their conscious minds. I keep wanting to find other ways to highlight the fact that Screenplay is the rare product that pays off exponentially.  If we had a Mentalism Course at Stevens Magic – this would absolutely be included in curriculum not just because of it’s synergistic mind-numbing impact – but equally as a tool to help performers springboard into presentation. When the mind is free from stress and the methodology is as close to self-working as possible – the performer is in that wonderful zone, when they can incorporate and focus solely on making an impression, incorporating pantomime, such as physical struggling.  As a teacher I would grade primarily on the delivery of the information not the manner in which it was achieved.  Obviously, I’m very excited about this product.    Products like these – just don’t make themselves available that often.

How easy is it to perform?
This is the BEST part! You DON’T need to know the page number! You ask the spectator one simple question, which makes perfect sense and their answer will tell you everything you need to know!

The spectators answer will be different for every movie!
• No Peeking
• No Fishing
• No Preshow
• Nothing to remember

We can honestly say that we are SO IMPRESSED of this book test. For us it really checks all of the boxes. Movies are a PERFECT theme for mentalism.
Just by knowing the name of the film and having even the smallest amount of movie knowledge, you can reveal so many details before the main reveal.

BONUS – For The First 100 units sold:

They have redesigned the effect ‘Chocolate Challenge’ to be a Virtual Cinema Experience. Your spectator is invited to walk around 9 cinema screens, placing cinema ticket cards over each movie as they land on it, leaving them with one final movie that you have predicted beforehand. This is self working and a real fooler.

This is a FREE GREAT standalone effect that works perfectly alongside Screenplay. It is included in the Screenplay package FREE OF CHARGE and is not available separately. Includes Virtual Cinema Experience folded card, cinema cards (printed on small playing card stock) and red envelope.  Get it NOW, so you can also score a FREE “Chocolate Challenge!”

Book Specs:
The book is 8.5 x 11 inches
Full Color Gloss pages throughout!

“Of course, I totally get how you might think that what I’m getting ready to write – is exactly what any salesman would – BUT – a great many of you know me personally – and I I have also told you when a product does not meet your style or desire too. In this situation, I’m all in – I really can’t think of any reason why (assuming the concept is of interest to you of course) you shouldn’t purchase it.”  Mark Stevens 

“Hands down one of the highest quality book tests on the market, most people enjoy movies or have enjoyed them when they were young allowing for an incredible connection during the “psychic reading.” Very well done” – Jiro – Resident Stevens Magic Pro

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