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Pete McCabe and 26 other guys show you the art of scripting magic. Includes 45 scripts, 13 essays, 7 interviews, and 1 flowchart to make you a better magician.

Contributing magicians include:

  • Michael Ammar
  • Jon Armstrong
  • Bruce Barnett
  • Rafael Benatar
  • Eugene Burger
  • Michael Close
  • Bob Farmer
  • Paul Green
  • Eric Henning
  • Guy Hollingworth
  • Larry Jennings
  • Mark Joerger
  • Kenton Knepper
  • Jonathan Levit
  • John Lovick
  • Max Maven
  • Eric Mead
  • Sean O’neill
  • Gary Ouellet
  • David Regal
  • Jim Steinmeyer
  • Vic Sussman
  • Jamy Ian Swiss
  • Teller
  • Joe M Turner
  • and Larry White

Excerpt from the book:

“They did it because they believe that scripting your magic will make you a better magician. They all believe that scripting can make you more effective, more entertaining, more dramatic, and most of all, more magical.” -Pete McCabe

A few Chapters include:

– Eugene Burger and John Lovick: A Theatrical Endeavor

– Johnathan Levit: An Actor Playing the Part of a Magician

– Max Maven: Scripting Tricks

– Teller: Entering Uncharted Terrain

– and many more!

Pages 454 – Hardbound

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