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He’s Back! The Scryer returns in 2016 with a new offering – titled: Scryer Speaks.  Featuring some of the following!  

  • Double Contact Mind Reading – Yes you heard right not one but two people doing contact mind reading you will love this one very different and kills .
  • The Rose Knows – An approach Neal uses with a rose to do a reading then leaves them with the Rose very strong.
  • Spirit Message On Rose Petals – This is one of Neal’s most impressive secrets he was reluctant to share. This is perfect for readings. This is incredible and strong
  • You Do Voodoo – This powerful presentation is worth it’s weight in gold. Enough said.
  • The Phantom Snake Bite – This is one of Neal’s most talked about effect. It’s an exploration of the paranormal which transpires into powerful experience for the participant.
  • Under My Thumb – A very powerful and intuitive reading using a compact mirror.
  • Pk Rose Touch – A very powerful PK touch using a rose Neal has been using for years never shared an excellent handling. This one plays big with a couple .

And more great material…

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