Scryer’s Secrets – Richard Webster (Book)


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Another book from the succesful series published by Richard Webster – by Neal Scryer.

The book is 68 pages, 6 X 9 hardbound.

  • Audience Healthy Applause – This is not an effect but a powerful way to gain rapport with your audience.
  • Sneaky Two Pateo
  • Scryer’s Aura Touch
  • Telephone Business Card Soliciting
  • Your Special Bird
  • Coin Brain
  • Great Tip For A Stooge
  • Scryer’s Ten Fold Numerologie Reading
  • Imaginary Coin Flip
  • Someone Has A Beautiful Aura
  • How’s The Angel
  • Real Mind Reading
  • My Psychic Wife’s Card
  • Blindfold Beatle Telepathy
  • Intuitive Quarter And Good Luck
  • Multiple Book Pateo
  • Scryer’s Two Person Remote Duplication
  • Scryer’s Time Target
  • Scryer’s Blessed Pendulum
  • Happy Or Sad Thought
  • Remote Viewing Over The Phone
  • Card Destruction – One of Richard’s Favorites!

Scryer has decided not to detail the above routines because he wants to wait until he performs his lecture, such that this materials isn’t compromised.  But as you can read, there is a good amount of material from the list above.

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