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The Magic Light Bulb has been one of the best selling effects of all time. Marc Antonie produced unquestionably the best version of this item, but at a price that was out of reach for many. There is as we all know, nothing in the “mid-price” range for this and other utility electronic items – until now! With price points that are affordable yet still have a healthy dose of quality and dependability.

The Spirit Bulb (AKA Magic Light Bulb), is the balance of quality and price. It features remote control capacity. Granted it doesn’t have all the features of the higher prices models, but in its most basic form—it does the same thing. So, we are excited to announce this product, at an incredible price when you consider what you get. This is perfect for any haunted or seance theme.

The bulb features real time “on/off” mode, and the performer also has the option of making the bulb blink on and off. It’s a good size bulb. Turn the lights down a bit and you will be able to see the spirit world illuminate!  Operates via Remote Control.  Batteries can be replaced as needed.

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