Second Sight – Ron Wilson (Ken Brooke)


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From the Ken Brooke magic range! Want something clever that was created by Ron Wilson to be able to do Dai Vernon’s Brainwave and be CLEAN at the finish by showing both sides of the deck. In Charlie Miller’s opinion this is the cleanest version of the Brainwave to date! No angles to worry about before, during and after the effect.

Magician removes a blue-backed (or red) deck of cards from the case. The deck is fanned toward the audience. He removes one opposite color card from his pocket showing back-side only. It is placed into the middle of the blue deck and the fan is closed. A spectator is asked to shuffle and to run through the cards face up and when he sees a card he fancies to call out the name of the card.

Taking the deck the magician fans the faces of the cards toward the audience. Very slowly until he comes to the names card, which is pushed upward from the fan. The fanned deck is now slowly turned around and the pushed up card is seen to have a red back! IT IS the red-backed card that was named by the spectator. Yep…true! No confederates! Is straight forward. Seems impossible. A signature effect of Ron’s act. This one fool’s magicians!

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