Fogel’s Second Spot (Ken Brooke)


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Fogels Second Spot – (Spectacular pseudo – psychometry)

Maurice Fogel was a brilliant entertainer who was way ahead of his time. This is one of his signature effects that he later sold the rights to Ken Brooke. As an entertainer, you must develop a powerful essence and communicate with your audience. The reason we love this effect, is it allows you to perform jaw-dropping mentalism, but at the same time, is the perfect way to hone essential stage presence and powerful communication. The subtleties associated with successful execution of this effect, in and of it’s self is worth it’s weight in serving as a educational and/or refresher to maximize your performance personality.

Effect: Five bags are handed out to various spectators and then the mentalist turns his back on the audience and instructs them to place something personal inside each bag (example, a watch, a ring, money, etc.). After which all five bags are handed to another spectator and they are mixed up, so no one knows the contents that are inside, nor whom they belong too – not even the spectators and certainly not the mentalist that has his back turned away.

The mentalist is handed one of the five bags. The mentalist removes the item and one-by-one, the mentalist is able to (while keeping his back to the audience) tell which article belongs to which person.

Of course, to maximize the power of this effect, one should take the opportunity to incorporate readings above and beyond just announcing what the item is inside the bag and whom it belongs too. For these we highly suggest you also consider Richard Webster’s “Cold Reading Variations” (also available at Stevens Magic) – see bottom of product page.

What makes this effect even more appealing?

· It’s exceptionally easy to transport.
· Involves a great deal of audience participation
· Performed right, easily provides 10-15 minutes of entertainment.
· Serves as a stepping-stone to help you develop stage presence
· Allows you to also incorporate individual readings.
· The special secret gimmick makes it  easy to perform.

The quality of the bags is excellent and features the softest most luxurious black felt bags with gold tie strings. You won’t be disappointed.

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