Secret Life Of Siegfried And Roy (Book)


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At last…the most authentic book on the life of Siegfried And Roy…Their lives and their secrets and all told by authors who knew them and worked with them! From their childhood days and all the way through to the terrible tiger accident and what they are going to do in the future! THE SECRET LIFE OF SIEGFRIED AND ROY reveals the touching, little-known story of how two youngsters founded a friendship, a franchise and a tempestuous on-and-off love affair that would last a lifetime. From their humble beginnings in war-torn Germany, larger-than-life Tiger Kings Siegfried & Roy roared into Las Vegas and tamed Sin City like no act before them. Their mind-blowing illusions captivated the world and broke box-office records. In just one decade at The Mirage, their magical extravaganza, featuring rare white tigers, lions and elephants, grossed an astounding half a billion dollars. Then, in one tragic instant, their world came crashing down. On October 3, 2003, animal-lover Roy Horn was savagely attacked onstage by his 600-pound white tiger, Montecore. Beating back death’s icy grip after he literally “died” on the operating table, dark-haired Roy fought for survival as blond doppelganger Siegfried watched and prayed. Suddenly, the show was over…or was it?  In the spotlight as never before, Roy’s mauling triggered the press’ relentless investigation into the secret world of these Las Vegas icons. For the first time ever, author Louis Mydlach––at Roy’s side throughout his traumatic recovery––describes in detail the agonies of rehabilitating the partially paralyzed performer. Siegfried & Roy dazzled audiences’ eyes for decades as they masterfully hid a lifetime of secrets. Key players in the duo’s inner circle––Louis Mydlach, his security chief father Jim Mydlach, and show consultant Jimmy Lavery––finally unravel the untold story: The life of Siegfried & Roy was their ultimate illusion. Book is hardcovered with 272 pages and a 16-page section of color photos for you to enjoy.   “I’ve known Siegfried And Roy for years and can attest that many of the stories told in the book are absolutely truthful and interesting. I endorse this book as THE book on their magic lives.” –Joe Stevens

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