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Scarab + Temple + Ancient Parchments = BUMA Original Ancient Necromancy!  At this price no refunds on returns. 

Original Stevens Magic Emporium advertised price $695.00 – BUMA one time SPECIAL of $300.00

During a recent visit to Buma’s Studio, (House of Magic Studio), Joe saw the last of Buma’s “Ancient Sorceries” Props waiting to be assembled where they had been residing since 2007! Now, the last of Buma’s sought after, hand-crafted, “Ancient Soreries” props have indeed been assembled and delivered to Stevens Magic Emporium! These are limited to the stock on hand—and available at a one time special price only Buma
could do!  Original price of this item was $695.00.  We have a limited number we are offering at a great price when you consider how unique and scarce this product is.

A Sacred Scarab magically appears from within a flat Parchment only to later vanish from inside the temple. The temples perched Sphinx is then seen to vanish and transport itself through space only to reappear at a distance. The Scarab repeatedly vanishes from within the sealed temple only to reappear where only seconds before there was nothingness. With the aid of a spectator the scarab is once again secured within the walls of the temple from where it physically metamorphoses into a much larger solid statue of the four pharaohs which the spectator is left holding upon there outstretched hand.

Only one scarab and one sphinx is used throughout the entire routine. The Temple, Sphinx, Statue and Parchment being fully examinable upon the completion of the routine.

  • Requires—No palming of the scarab or the sphinx. No lapping, pocketing, or sleeving. No secret compartments or body loads. No threads or sleights.
  • Features Buma’s custom-designed and hand-crafted Temple, Sphinx, Scarab, Parchment and Statue.
  • Incorporating Buma’s hand-cast stoneware. Includes step by step routined instructions accompanied by over 100 photos!
  • Hand Cast: Gutta-Percha Scarab.
  • Hand Layered: Gold Leafed Temple & Sphinx., Silver Leafed Scarab.
  • Gold & Copper Leafed Statue.
  • Hand Inset: Austrian Swarovski Crystals on the Statue of the Pharaoh.
  • Hand Applied: Custom designed transfers “decals” in the tradition of Okito have been hand layered inside the temple and on the top of the Statue.
  • Hand Cut: Suede Kidskin Leather has been layered to the bottom of both the Temple and the Statue of the Pharaoh.
  • Hand Crafted: Custom printed, bound and aged parchment vellum.

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