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Charles Garner is a professional reader for 50 years…also a professional magician, horoscope pitchman, stage hypnotist, spook show entrepreneur and a seance medium. (Hmm…a modern day Dr. Q!) His clients are from all over the world and his client list is a who’s who of movie, theater and the sporting world.

The first secton of this books reveals his unique life story, including the years he spent pitching horoscopes, presenting seances, and working as a professional magician.  The second half of the book outlines his methods and secrets.  As a working psychic, he allows himself a maximum of five talents.  He explains his talents, and why he chose them.  He lists the essential requirements of a psychic reader, and gives advice on how to give reading, the area of major concern, peoples wants and needs and how to handle repeat bookings.

In this book, Charles explains his “Rules Of Work”, the essential requirements of a psychic reader. The anatomy of a reading and how to handle repeat bookings. Secrets Of A Psychic Reader is essential reading for anyone interested in the psychic reading business. The secrets in this book should sell for hundreds of dollars.

Also available is: Reading’s From The Client’s Point of View – Garner.

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