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Bill Trotter Magic

Its hard to imagine where the block goes – but baby it sure does go! This is a heavier and better quality one than the Mikame Craft one was popular before production stopped in Japan. While Mikame is back in business they have not yet produced this item. Great job as ever by our guy Mel Babcock! Mel produces two sizes, this large 3″ and a smaller 2.5″ here. This is the 3″ Version.

Effect: A cube is placed into a double-compartment box, similar to the die box. This box also has a sliding weight for the standard sucker effect. In this case, when the cube is shown to have vanished, both front and top doors are opened, the back is opened, and the two end panels are lifted out. This leaves a skeleton framework of a box which may be shown from all sides.

Note: Coupon Codes not eligible on this item. In some cases, additional shipping will be required post-purchase for insurance and signature delivery confirmation due to the fact there is only one of this offered. Other restrictions may apply.

Condition: Excellent – New Condition – Image is of the genuine article being offered.

Note: Ad Copy used with permission from Andy Martin –

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