See Thru Die Box - Michael Baker

See Thru Die Box – Michael Baker


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Extremely Limited Production! A beautiful piece of magic! Michael Baker has done it again! This is the “Cadillac” version of all!

Performer shows and performs the classic Die Box routine, as usual. But in the end… believe it not… upon opening the doors of the cabinet, the entire block has vanished completely—as all fronts and sides are shown to be empty! Where has it gone? Diabolic in structure and goes beyond all other Die Box routines! The kicker at the end is memorable.  Each block is 3.25 inches. Blocks are yellow and black with red Chinese characters. This apparatus includes both the vanishing block and a reproduction block.

Cabinet is approximately 10.5 x 6 x 5.5 inches. It’s painted black with gold trim. The cabinet features Michael Baker’s unique base design, making this more deceptive than other available versions. Custom designed and printed decal transfers (both inside and out) feature Chinoiserie artwork as an homage to the Okito-style of the pieces he made for Victor Barber in the early 20th Century. Magnetic latches on the front doors. Slide up sides are made of 20 gauge steel. Sliding weight hidden in base. Velvet lining in the bottom of the cabinet.

Absolutely gorgeous – had to have it!  – Barry Block

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