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Condition: Excellent. Keith Bogart Estate

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Bill Trotter Magic

Trotter StampCertified by SME curator Bill Trotter.   Keith Bogart Collection. 

A beautiful crafted chop cup by the incredibly talented craftsman John Dahms. This is a real beauty whether you perform it or not you will love the colors, the solid feel, and the finish. Effect: A wooden cup and wand are displayed. A small ball is produced from the end of the wand. The ball is vanished several times and repeatedly reappears beneath the cup. Then a large ball appears underneath the cup (final load not provided).

This is truly remarkable magic from all aspects and one of the most desired of all crafted wooden chop cups.   It’s amazing how much powerful and jaw-dropping entertainment can be produced by something such as a simple cup, a red crocheted ball and a magic wand.  This is a peice you will be product to own for years to come and because of its scarcity, one that will always be sought after in the collectable magic market.


  • Solid Cup
  • Two small red baseballs
  • Beautiful matching wand

Instructions are not provided, but are easily available in a myraid of options and formats.

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