Self Working Mentalism Card Miracle’s Vol. #1 – Jose Rodriquez


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A unique treatise that caught our attention and has three powerful effects for the working magician/mentalist.  If you are a magician that is looking to add a little mentalism and readings to you act – this is a perfect.  It’s a trilogy – a three in one!  If you are a mentalist looking for some easy, self working card miracles – this is also for you.  The book has three effects written by new comer José Rodriguez. Here’s some information about the three effects:

  • Psychic Whispers: A beautiful card revelation with a hint of numerology.
  • No Cards Card Trick: A card effect with no cards. Contains a touch of a reading.
  • Four Card Sneak: Based on Larry Becker’s Sneak Thief, using four playing cards, and an extra kicker with a Jonah card.


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