SensiMental – Richard Mark & Marc Salem – Book


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Another production from the Mentalims duo of Richard Mark and Marc Salem.

Would you like to demonstrate supernormal abilities? Then Sensi-Mental is for you. These powerful effects will stun your audience and convince them that your do possess skills, knowledge and abilities way beyond the ordinary. These presentations move your performance away from the simple idea or reading a mind and provide a unique perspective. Here we go a step further into the realm of many enhanced sensory abilities. Your senses of taste, hearing, touch and voice recognition appear to be enhanced to an extraordinary level.

  • You can taste what they taste.
  • Follow a card that is buried repeatedly in a regular deck and announce its location.
  • Determine truth and lies by voice recognition.
  • Show them how you can influence their actions with your voice.
  • Feel the temperature difference of difference colors.
  • No difficult memory work, electronics or sleight of hand required.
  • Perform these anywhere and expect a great reaction.

Softbound Book features 30-pages and measures 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″

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