Sharing Secrets by Robert Giobbi


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“Card College is to Card Magic as this book is to Magic Theory. It’s practical, it’s comprehensive…what else can I say? One of the few, true “must-buys” of the 21st century.” (Rick Rea)
“Robert Giobbi’s Sharing Secrets is the magic theory book we’ve all needed. As we’ve come to expect with Roberto’s publications, the information is organized efficiently, presented with clarity, and accompanied with useful applications. If your goal is to be a better magician, it should be in your library. I give it my highest recommendation.” (Michael Close)
“Reading this book will make you revise all the magic you do. I know of no other book in magic that is better food for thought. (Rafael Benatar)
“This book is brilliant!” (Michael Frohnmeyer)
“The content and format of this book are unique. Roberto is a brilliant thinker, whose opinions will shape magic for years to come.” (Bob Farmer)
There is far more to a trick than its mechanics and presentation.
In this book, best-selling author Roberto Giobbi discusses the essential ingredients of artistic magic, the hallmark of all successful magicians. Never before have these closely guarded secrets been identified, named or explained in such a detailed yet succinct manner, all in a single volume. The concepts are illustrated with a first-rate trick, technique or presentation from Roberto’s working repertoire, written in a clear, engaging style.
Studying this book will change the way you view and practice magic.

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