Sharpie Through Anything – Estate – Primi

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Product Description

At last a Pro Quality ‘Pen through Anything’ that is also a permanent marker, perfect for signed card effects!

Here’s just one of the many effects you can perform with this amazing device:

The Magician borrows a note/bill and stabs it with his pen.
The pen can be displayed penetrating the bill. The Magician then visually pulls the pen out of the bill and hands the bill back to the spectator undamaged!

Unlike older versions of this effect, now you can use the same style pen for signing playing cards! Avoiding the suspicious use of two styles of pen in your act.

The Sharpie gimmicked pen is sealed , so there is no danger of getting ink over you during a performance!

Very easy to do

Comes with Non-Gimmick Sharpie

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