Sherlock’s Paradox – Larry Barnowsky


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If you’re looking for something different here it is. This apparatus may be small but it packs a punch! Check out the video demonstrations. This limited edition original custom-made effect comes complete with the cherry wood/brass tube, dice and ball props, 48-inch silk streamer, hidden gaff, 5 pages of step-by-step instructions with color photos, and carrying pouch. The tube can be examined by the spectator and no sleight of hand is required.

Effect: Two dice and a ball are placed in a square tube that is just big enough to allow the dice to fit in. Naturally upon lifting the tube the sequence of objects (dice and ball) are in the same position as they were put into the cube. But the magician repeats the same sequence a second time, placing first the two dice into the tube and finally the red ball. However, this time when the magician raises the tube the red ball that was placed in the tube last, is now magically transformed to bottom of the stack. Meaning upon lifting the tube the red ball is at the bottom and the two white dice on top? How can that be – we just visually witnessed the items going into the tube in an opposite order? This strange phenomena continues with a variety of other juxtapositions of locations of the red ball, despite the order of sequence! A visual baffling effect for sure.

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1 review for Sherlock’s Paradox – Larry Barnowsky

  1. papasan.jb (verified owner)

    Very nice effect easy to learn with good instructions included. Very nice quality construction a fun little effect to perform. Very satisfied with purchase.

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