Shining Hoop – Viktor Voitko (Excluisve)


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Victor Voitko has produced what could very well be the last word on professional hoops. The Shining Hoop is a utility device worth it weight in gold for defining the impossible, when performing a levitation or suspension. The Shining Hoop turns your levitation into real magic. It’s constructed from polished aluminum tubing, so it’s got the look of “heavy duty” with the lightweight, easy to handle benefits of aluminum. The Shining Hoop has a 31.5″ (80 cm) diameter.  Width is approx. 5/8th of an inch and the open has an adjustable gap of approx. 1.5. (possibly more).

Hold the hoop in one hand and pass it straight over the floating lady, starting at her head, along her body, and all the way through the tips of her feet. The Shining Hoop proves to the audience there is nothing supporting her or holding her up, pacifying even the most diehard doubters. Even better after you have performed this feat, you can throw the shining hoop into the air towards your assistant!

The Shining hoop comes with a protective bag for transport. Knowledgeable magicians are already saying to themselves – “Yes – but what about the shipping?” We have a good answer – you pay only $15 in the US for shipping!

Notice: This item may be subject to a 3 week fabrication and delivery process.


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